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Schedule Update - FYI

I first want to say that I hope everyone is taking our governments advice during this COVID-19 pandemic. We need to follow the guidelines from state and national leaders in order to defeat this faceless enemy. I have had many calls, texts and emails today about when we would be able to host tournaments again in NC and Virginia. Today the NC and Virginia governors amended Executive Orders that were previously in place. Those orders were in regard to large crowds. The NC governor lowered the max from 100 to 50 people and the Virginia governor lowered theirs to 10 people. With these orders THERE WILL BE NO TOURNAMENTS in either state at least thru the weekend of April 18, 19. These orders will be evaluated again in a few weeks and at that point we will see if we will be able to play the last weekend in April. My guess is that we will not be able to host events in NC and Virginia until after Mother's Day. I know we are all disappointed that we are unable to get the teams on the diamonds but if we do not take this serious we may not get back on the fields until September. For teams that continue to practice, I urge you to stop. There are many ways players can continue to work on their skills during this down time but gathering as a team to practice should be discontinued asap. Also teams holding "friendlies" should be ended as well. We need to do our part in the SOFTBALL COMMUNITY to help contain this virus. One of the many questions I have received is concerning park closures. I understand they may open back up before the executive orders expire, but they will have to comply with the orders as well. Just because a park(s) opens back up does not mean that they will be able to host events. We will all do our best to get teams back to playing as soon as we can and in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT!


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