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UPDATE Dublin VA August 16-17

Thanks to all the teams, coaches, and parents who have updated me on the weekend of August 16-17 that we were scheduled to be in Dublin VA.  This is a date that we were given in our meeting with the NRV area back in December.  I now know that basically all organizations in the NRV area is having tryouts that weekend.  Rather than struggle to find teams, I am letting teams know now that I am going to drop this event.  I will notify Dublin today.  I will be in contact with teams today that are signed up for this event to see if they would like to move to Eden NC.  Thank you to everyone that has notified me of the tryouts.  I will be in touch with teams signed up over the next few days.

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August 16-17 Dublin VA FYI

As it stands now, only the HS age will make at our tourney in Dublin VA on August 16-17.  I do not want to cancel this tourney or ask the HS teams to move to Eden, but that is my thinking as of now.  I am giving teams until next Tuesday, August 5th to sign up and see if we can get at least 12 t0 15 teams so we can play at Randolph Park in Dublin. If your team has considered playing in this event please let me know.  I need to make hotel arrangements for myself and my staff/umpires and I need to do so next week.  IF I cancel this event, I will be contacting the HS teams to see if they want to move to Eden.  We have been constantly asked to be in this area of Virginia and I am disappointed that we do not have the teams as of now to hold this event.  I am already working on my potential dates/requests for 2015 and any event that does not make this year (in any area) will be tough to book again.  Please let me know if your team can play and hopefully we can get this event to make.  I loved this park when I came to visit during the off season and I have planned to come run this event myself so I am hopeful it makes.  Thanks.

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UPDATE “Summer Sizzler” Springwood Park Aug 2,3

With the chance of showers all weekend I wanted to post an update on the tourney this weekend at Springwood Park in Burlington.  We will do all we can to get all the games in but I wanted to let teams know that I will have a couple of contingency plans in place.  If we have delays on Saturday, as long as park will let me try to continue play, we will play as many games as possible.  We may get to the point where we treat tourney as a 1 Day 3 Game Guarantee but take 2 days to get it completed.  IF this is the case, we will issue credits to the teams for their next time playing with us.  The 1ou is already set for a 1 Day so it may have to be moved to Sunday.  I know teams have not prepared for this so we will do all we can to get 10u in on Saturday.  If we have delays on Saturday morning, I will send out a post but also check site and please call/text/email if you need to.  I will get to the park early on Saturday morning and post any update that is needed.  Please understand that my first concern is players safety when it comes to me deciding if we can wait out a rain delay or when we pull teams off the fields.  Also, many parks/cities will not give me the option of waiting out a rain delay.  We will do all we can to get this tourney in.  Thank you all for understanding.  Thanks for Playing Got Game!

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Upcoming Tourneys Info (Night tourney, Battle of Bats)

I want to remind teams that I MUST know by this Friday, August 1st, if your team INTENDS on playing on Friday, August 8.  I have to make plans with the park and our umpires.   Our “All Nighter” night tourney will be September 6th.  We have had many teams sign up already so please let me know if your team would like to play.  Info on this tourney is on our Who’s Playing list.  We can still take 3 more 10u teams for our Battle of the Bats set for August 8 thru 10.  ALL other ages are FULL.   I hope to have Gametimes for the “Battle of the Bats” up next Tuesday night.

August marks Got Game’s 1 Year Anniversary. We want to Thank ALL of Got Game Nation, our staff, our umpires, parks, vendors and most importantly, our families, for all the support. It has been a rewarding but challenging year. It takes our entire TEAM to pull these tourneys together each week and I think we have the best TEAM in travel softball. I want to thank Larry and Kristie for believing in me and my staff that supports me, and has my back every time I need them. I will continue to strive to make Got Game Nation proud of what we provide to you. I am ready to start Year #2! 2015 will definitely be the year for your team to Show Us You GOT GAME! God bless you all! Tim


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10u Coaches – Gametimes have been updated. FYI

I have backed up start time for 1st game on Saturday for 10u until 10am.  Please take note.  Thanks.

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Gametimes for Summer Sizzler Aug 2,3 are NOW POSTED

I have gametimes posted for this weekend’s Summer Sizzler.  Coaches, please VERIFY to me by text, call or email that you received your times.  Thanks Tim

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Top 5 in Each Age for our Summer Showdown Series Points Race

Here are the Top 5 in each age in our Points Race (Points Race concludes with tourneys on August 16-17)


Diamond Fever

Pitt Co Pride

VA Scrappers 03

Power Tew

Randolph Rage




Stealerz Carter

Stealerz Kevin

Lady Lightning

VA Extreme Force/NC Vipers 02



Lady Wildcats

3D Fastpitch

NC Frenzy

NC Hammers

Carolina Landsharks/NC Vipers /Surry Express



Diamond Xpress

Maroon Crush Ball

Diamond Fever 18u

NC Vipers Barry

Lake Country Crushers



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Points Race ALL ages is now UPDATED – PRIZES FYI

All ages in Points are now updated.  I wanted to UPDATE teams on our Prize packages for each age.  We will award prizes to the TOP 3 Teams in EACH age group.  Winning teams will receive a Free Entry into our Paint it Pink tourney in October, a Free tourney in 2015(this includes our 3 Day tourneys), their choice of equipment (Louisvillle Slugger Xeno bat, Easton catchers set or a Bow net), team plaque, coaches tshirts .  2nd Place teams will receive a Free tourney in 2015 (this includes our 3 Day tourneys), choice of equipment after 1st place team chooses, team plaque, coaches tshirts.  3rd Place teams will receive a Free tourney card in 2015 (this includes our 3 Day tourneys), equipment, team plaque, coaches tshirts.  We are working on other items but we want to only list items now that are definitely included.  Players will receive individual plaques and Special Edition tie dye Summer Showdown Series tshirt.  Players will also receive Got Game cards for merchandise to be used in 2015.  We will add updates to prize lists when needed.  Points race goes thru August 17th.   UPDATE: I forgot to add that each of the Top 3 in each group also receives 1 of our Got Game Diamond buckets with dozen new Got Game Decker Softballs.

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Got Game “All Nighter” Night tourney INFO September 6

Tonight I will post on Who’s Playing  a new event for September 6.  We will be holding a night tourney.  We will start at 7pm that Saturday night and finish around 8am or 9am Sunday morning, September 7.  This will be treated as a 1 Day event.  It will be a 3 Game Guarantee for $225.  Several teams have already told me they want to play so be assured that you will be added to Who’s Playing list.  We will play 10u and 12u at Lions Club in Walnut Cove NC.  We can take 5 teams in each age.  We will play 14u and 16u/18u at the Eden YMCA.  We can take 10 teams in each age.  We may have access to Freedom Park in Eden that night as well.  I expect this to fill up fast so please email me at if your team would like to play.  Even teams that I have said have a spot need to email me.

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Botetourt Sports Complex UPDATE

I wanted to let everyone know that we were given Lord Botetourt High School field to get teams off the waiting list but we will NOT be given any other fields.  Tourney is NOW FULL.  It filled up in 90 minutes and thank you to all the teams that signed up to play.  We are hoping to get multiple dates at this park in 2015 and the response and the swiftness of it was a good sign to the complex.  I will make sure everyone gets to play at least 2 games at the complex.  I hope to work out a format where we only use the complex on Sunday and not the HS field.  If teams would like to be added to waiting lists please let me know.  Thanks.

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