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Summer Showdown Points Race NOW UPDATED, June 6-7 – FYI

I wanted to let teams know that I have updated our Summer Showdown Series Points Race thru our Rumble on the Diamond event.  I will have the Points Race updated by each Thursday.

I can take 4 more 16u/18u teams for our “Out of School Blast” to be held at Freedom Park in Eden NC.  Other ages there are more spots available.  10u will play at the YMCA in Eden as well as 14u.  The 12u age is a 1 Day event to be held at Jaycee Park in Reidsville NC.  Please email me if your team would like to enter this or any of our tournaments at

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Website “Contact us” -FYI

I wanted to let teams know that today we found an issue with our “Contact us” email program.  I have discovered several emails that did not forward to me correctly and I never responded to the questions/sign ups/etc.  I will get back with those emails I found today and want to apologize to those who were never given a response.   You can always call/text me at 910.690.3556 or by email at concerning anything with Got Game NC ASA.   We are contacting our website team to see what the issue is.  I am very sorry for those who did not receive a response and will do my best to reach out to all those today.  Tim

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Gametimes for PONY Invitational May 30-31 NOW POSTED

I now have GAMETIMES posted for this weekend’s PONY Invitational set for Springwood Park in Burlington NC and at the YMCA in Eden NC.  I need ALL teams to VERIFY to me that they have received their times.  Please text me at 910.690.3556 or by email at to VERIFY your times.  I need ALL teams to VERIFY to me by 5pm on Thursday.  Thank you all for playing in this event.  Our June 6,7 tourney begins our affiliation with NC ASA.  ALL teams playing in NC beginning in June, MUST sanction with NC ASA.  We will have sanction forms at check in and the sanction will be $30.  ALL our events that we play in Virginia, will still be under Got Game Fastpitch.  Beginning June 1, in the state of North Carolina, we will be known as Got Game NC ASA.  If you have any questions please contact me by phone, email or text.  Teams that have NOT sanctioned with Got Game for 2015 will still need to do so and that is $25 and that applies to any of our events in either state.  Once you sanction with NC ASA, I will give your team an ASA Rulebook, an ASA Scorebook and Roster forms.

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Fall Move up date – FYI

I have been receiving many questions over the last few weeks concerning our Fall Team/Player “Move Up” date.  I have decided that beginning with tourneys after October 1st, 2015, players/teams MUST play in the age they will participate in during SPRING of 2016.  I took under consideration the comments/suggestions from many of you and I compromised on the date.  To restate my reasoning behind this move, please understand that the last 2 Fall Seasons since we began Got Game, I saw many games involving teams that for the advancement of their players should have moved up, but had not.  It is not fair to the teams/organizations that do the right thing and move their teams up during the Fall season.  I also understand many teams may form in the Fall and would be unable to compete if they moved up on September 1, so I came to a compromise.  I also know many teams would like to participate in our “Taylor Foster Memorial Tournament” and this year it was moved up to September because Carolyn Allen Park in Greensboro NC wanted to be a part of this special event.  Thank you to all the coaches/parents that contacted me regarding this subject.

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New Got Game Logo

I wanted teams to see our new logo.  We will still be using many of our other logos but this is the one I designed for Got Game NC ASA.  I also have listed our new shirt design that will be available May 23-24 at our Memorial Day Weekend tourneys.  The shirt is a tri-blend material and will be $20.  You can pre-order by emailing me at     For now we will only be having you pick up shirts at your next Got Game tourney.  We may eventually ship them out if there is a large  enough demand.



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Got Game NC ASA – FYI

ASA_USA Split logo-300x160

 We wanted to let everyone know that NC ASA has chosen us to form Got Game NC ASA. In VA and if/when we move into other states, we will still be Got Game Fastpitch but in NC we will become Got Game NC ASA. ALL Day to Day Operations will NOT CHANGE. We will still use our rules and only in the future IF we are awarded a Regional or National Qualifier or a State “A” or “B” tournament would we be required to use strictly ASA rules. Larry, Kristie and myself feel this is an opportunity that we needed to take advantage of. In the future our teams can qualify for true National and Regional events thru ASA. Since I already have our schedule in place as do they, there will be NO changes to any of our events this season.  We are honored that ASA chose our Got Game Nation! It is a testament to what we have built thru all our teams and the loyalty they show us.  Beginning with our June 6 tournament, in NC our events will be under Got Game NC ASA.  Beginning with that event, IF you have NOT sanctioned with ASA in either VA or NC, you will be required to sanction and pay a $30 fee written out to NC ASA.  To help with this cost, once you turn in your sanction form, we will give you a $25 Off Entry Fee card to your next Got Game event, in either NC or VA.  IF your team has NOT purchased team insurance this season, you can go t0 to purchase Insurance and sanction is included in this.  I will be posting more links to our website concerning ASA and they will be adding our Who’s Playing list to their site as well.  Nothing will change on our website.  Gametimes, Email updates, etc will remain the same.  We were asked by several sanctioning bodies to merge with them and we all feel this is the best fit for what we try to provide for our teams.  ASA strongly believes in providing a safe, positive environment for all their events and that is top priority for us as well.  The address for registering your team and purchasing insurance is  IF your team has already purchased team insurance then all you will need to do is pay the required $30 ASA 2015 Sanction fee.  IF your team hasn’t sanctioned with Got Game then that will need to be paid as well.  We understand many of you will not like having to sanction with both Got Game and ASA this season so that is why we will give teams a $25 Off Entry Fee card.  I will have more links added to our website.  Thank you to all the players, parents, coaches and teams that form our Got Game Nation!  If you have any questions you can always call me or  email me and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible.  I will be adding to our website the information for Tony Laws, the NC ASA State Commissioner and Rick McHone, the NC ASA Junior Olympic State Commissioner  


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UPDATE on Showcase 1 – July 24-26 Carolyn Allen Park

I wanted to let teams know that we can take 2 more 16u teams and 3 more 18u teams for our Showcase event set for Carolyn Allen Park in Greensboro NC on July 24-26.  Teams will play a 5 Game Guarantee for $485.  Every player will receive a Showcase tshirt and ALL 3 days gate fees are INCLUDED in Entry Fee.  More details coming in early June but I wanted to add an update to website about the available spots left.  Please email me at if your team would like to enter this Showcase or our Showcase 2 on August 14-16.  Teams will play 1 game on Friday, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.  We will begin play on Friday afternoon.

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Tourney “A” and “B” Brackets

For select Got Game tournaments, I will be letting teams sign up as either an “A” level or “B” level team.  At the present time I will be doing this for our 3 Day events but I may allow at other events.  I will be updating website tonight to reflect these changes.  IF you have already entered our World Series, State Tournament or Battle of the Bats, please email me to let me know which bracket you will be entered as.  I MUST have at least 6 teams in “A” and “B” to keep them separated.  That is why for now I am allowing this only at our 3 Day events.  I feel I can get 6 in both “A” and “B” in all ages for these events.

In the past, after Pool play I have only separated into either a Blue, Green, White, etc brackets IF we had 10 teams in that age.  I am now going to split into brackets each time I have at least 8 teams in a particular age.

Thank you to all the teams playing this weekend and to all of Got Game Nation for your support.


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Got Game Decker Softball Buckets – Pre-order now!

I wanted to let every0ne know that I am now taking pre-orders on our Got Game Decker Softball buckets.  They are $25.  Each bucket holds 20 Softballs. I have a sample pic listed on this post.  The other side will have our Home Plate logo in white outlined in black.  NO SOFTBALLS are included.  We do NOT sell our  New Decker Shark Softballs with our logo on them.  During the season we do sell the used Decker Softballs from our tourneys.  It takes weeks to get our order from Decker with our logo on them, so we have decided to not sell the new Softballs.  Shannon from Triple Play Youth Athletics in Vinton VA can get you new Decker Shark Softballs in 11 or 12 inch for $54 a dozen.  His cell number is 540.797.4318.  Please call him to discuss how to pick up your order.  He sets up at many of our tournaments and could bring your order to you if he is working with us.  The ONLY way I will take pre-orders on the buckets is by email.  It will be the most accurate way to keep up with the orders.  Please email me at to place an order. Decker bucket

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Welcome to Got Game FastPitch!

IMG_0891Welcome  below are some images from previous events.

IMG_0790IMG_0809 IMG_0807


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